About Us


Award winning, MeteoHeroes based on a series of books, is about a group of six pint-sized superheroes, each of whom represents a different continent and a different natural element. Working in tandem to fight climate change disasters, our fearless heroes go to battle to save our planet, using their unique superhuman abilities to control weather phenomena. With humor and respect for its audience, the series sends the important message to children “you don’t need superpowers to save the world.” MeteoHeroes is the only children’s series dedicated entirely to climate anxiety and environmental issues. Each episode focuses on respect for nature.


itsy bitsy Entertainment along with an international team including series producers Mondo TV Studios and MeteoExpert are working with child psychiatrists across the globe, in an effort to educate, empower and help children deal with this growing phenomenon of climate anxiety. Climate Anxiety is an under-reported, rapidly escalating condition growing to epic proportions throughout the world. In the absence of Climate Change education in our schools, many of the nation’s top child psychiatrists are using MeteoHeroes as one of the primary tools to help combat Climate Anxiety, an increasingly powerful and debilitating disorder.


MeteoHeroes made its North American broadcast debut on PBS with an Earth Day Special in 2022. itsy bitsy Entertainment’s ambitious strategy includes in-school broadcasts making much needed Climate Change education available to every school in the country for children 4-10 with an age-graded curriculum, as well as community outreach and online education for anyone wanting to know and do more to prevent Climate Change. 


Children’s natural curiosity ABOUT the world around them has transformed into FEAR FOR the world around them.” Kenn Viselman


Viselman, who has created an empire through his unique use of storytelling, says “Only once in a lifetime does a project as impactful as MeteoHeroes come along. In the three decades that I have been working in the world of Family Entertainment, I have never seen a more important, relevant nor imperative family project,” says Viselman, who also serves as executive producer and showrunner. He continues, “In these polarizing times with so much disinformation, young children are afraid and searching for the truth. More than ever before they are feeling increasingly anxious causing many children in the country (and beyond) to suffer from at least one symptom of Climate Anxiety. Whether you personally believe in Climate Change is not the issue, 84% of kids around the globe are “worried” to "extremely worried" about the future of our planet and feel helpless.


Together we can save the planet and at least 10% of  the proceeds from EVERY product sold will be donated to charity.